We have individual leather goods made from high-quality raw materials especially for us.

Our manufacturer deals with respect for the liveliness of the leather and the spirit of an ancient craft, so true works of art are created in elaborate handwork. From the first draft to the completion by the artist’s signature, not a moment passes without care.

Like every human being, every work is unique and carries a breath of soul. Because in the end it’s the soul which stays.

We are always looking for new individual ideas for you and your bikes. Please also have a look at our category accessories for bikers and biker ladies!

We would be happy to discuss special designs or new ideas with you.
Come over for a cup of coffee with an appointment, we look forward to it.

Creative hell has its exhibition in the rooms of double six motorcycles, where we have a huge selection of custom bikes (approx. 40 – 60 bikes) and crazy ideas.
It is always worth a visit.

Please request an appointment by phone or email.


We look forward to seeing you!

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